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In the educational world, localizing your content is an advantage for your clients. In recent times, it had been observed that educational institutions, publishing house, and EdTech firms are localizing their content in various regions of the world. Localization can be miraculous for your business if is done right. Content Revitalization into another language can be somewhat troublesome. You need to require proficient content formulators who are erudite, assiduous, & punctilious. Finding this blend in the competitive market can be frustrating. Talking about contemporary learning, EdTech is assisting numerous educational institutions to render the educational cinematography in this pandemic. As EdTech is an intuitive form of learning, it can’t afford restraint in the communication & learning process due to language barriers as they have to render content both online & offline. If the value of the content is been compromised due to poor localization, it will degrade the credibility of the firm. So, being alluring both online & offline in localizing the content is the only way through which the EdTech world can prevent its credibility. “Localization is one of the easiest procedures through which you can dilate your business in different regions by utilizing the local language however the condition is it ought to be compelling, productive, and strong.” Concurrently, native speakers are also significant in localization as they have the command of the native language as they are communicating in it over the years.

How do we Help?


To solve the problem of localization, you need a team of meticulous content revitalizing experts who know the process of localization from top to bottom. Graveiens Edu Services has a team of expert localizers which incorporates content writers, native content speakers, multilingual experts who are hand-picked and have experience of over eight years in the field of localization. They all are so well-connected with each other when it comes to content design modification. They bring out profound solutions and provide accomplished solutions which will solve all your problems regarding localization. Our experts first and foremost accumulate all the proviso’s provided by the client. Following this, they stripped down the information into various segments and distribute the work among themselves. After the content has been profoundly created by various experts, our multilingual experts attach all the assimilated work to produce the miraculous outcome. For digital localization, our digital marketing experts review the content and suggest radical changes if required. Web localization is quite arduous as compared to conventional localization. The reason for this is, there should be a mixture of profound native SEO content & digital techniques such as content optimization, content architectures, instructional designing, and so on. If these technicalities will be absent while you are localizing your content digitally, then it is of no use because it will fail to attract the crawlers and all your efforts will be of no use. So, to avoid & overcome this problem our experts take great care when the content is been formulated for web localization. Our digital marketing experts supervise the content and check that the content is fulfilling all the prerequisites for SEO, SEM, SMO, PPC, & also assure that it is accessible to all other digital platforms. Our mission is to provide you with quality localization services because we care for your hard-earned money.

How GravEiens Help for Localization Services

Our Services

The process of Localization incorporates various elements which are used to elevate the quality of the content and also work as antacids to overcome the communication barriers. These elements are as follows translation, subtitling, voice-over, dubbing, and closed-captioning. Let’s discuss them in brief: -

  • Translation- Translation in localization is a more particular, content revitalization of your web content and applications for utilization in a particular area. Translation more particularly is all about, changing the content and other website components to engage the client's social inclinations in their language.

  • Subtitling- Subtitling in Localization are the inscriptions shown at the lower part of the screen, converted into a particular language. They show up and disappear on the screen as the discourse does. It is viewed as exceptionally poor captioning if the caption drags along in any event when the shot has changed.

  • Voice-over- Sound Localization or voiceover is the way toward taking sound content, particularly when recorded, communicated, or repeated, and adjusting it to a particular area or market. Sound localization is periodically incorporating language interpretation as a piece for the interaction.

  • Dubbing- Dubbing, and Localization are measures that permit individuals to content tagging and comprehend data that would be generally missed. Knowing the objectives of the task and executing the right assets for the work will guarantee a fruitful result and a suitable readiness for your content.

  • Closed-Captioning- Closed Captioning in localization gives a visual guide to recordings as captions, coordinating translated text from discourse and sounds as they occur. Graveiens Closed Captioning formulators offer services for constant (live transmission) and additionally pre-recorded videos.

How It Works

Here at Graveiens Edu Services, our work cycle ensures that the organizations handle the thoughts better, procure all-around data, and appreciate video content adequately through our localization services.

We at first grasp the requirements of our clients and dissect the video content, then interpret and change the content as indicated by the proposed vested party. We then select a cultivated and fit localizing expert for the work. Then, at that point, we record and modify the discourse with a trademark stream, speed, pitch, and voice-over. Then, at that point, we mix the sound and assurance screen-changing. Finally, our localizing inspectors and editors assess the idea of the work.

In a word, it might be said that the 6 phases of our work cycle consolidate understanding, interpreting, picking, recording, mixing, and assessing.