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About Flashcards?

Flashcards are infographics formulated by assessment developers and help in knowledge retention. They are commonly two-sided, with the picture on one side and the information about the image on the other. It may incorporate names, jargon, ideas, or strategies. For instance, one side of the card may say, "Maharashtra", and the opposite side, "The capital of Maharashtra, food habits, nuances of Maharashtra, etc.” Using educational flashcards can be a viable way of effective self-testing approach. For sure, even the exhibit of making flashcards is a way to deal with "work" the information, inciting you to consider which information to have on one side and the associated depiction on the other.

This moreover dilates the cerebrum, since you will have a genuine heap of cards with the information rather than endeavoring to store solitary real factors, names, or terms to you. They are study materials fundamentally for the classroom, and infographics help you figure out what information you can remember successfully and what needs additional effort. Flashcard help k-12 competitive aspirants retain the information and knowledge they have assimilated while studying.


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How We Help?

GravEiens Eduservices operates as an academic service provider in the B2B business model. Using flashcards online can be an effective method for self-testing. Even the act of creating flashcard is a way to enhance understanding, as it prompts individuals to determine what information to include on one side and the corresponding description on the other. This also aids memory retention, as you have a tangible stack of cards with the infographics.

Flashcards are particularly beneficial for spaced practice, where repetition aids in identifying which information you can easily recall and which requires more effort. From a time management perspective, GravEiens Eduservices' flashcard`s allow you to make use of short intervals of time, whether it's throughout the day or week, or during exam preparation. While some may believe that flashcard are only beneficial for students outside of the classroom, they can also be valuable for teachers. An educator can provide guidance on which areas to focus on when using flashcard`s, benefiting both students and Subject Matter Experts in maintaining a thorough understanding of challenging topics. Vocabulary flashcards created by GravEiens Eduservices are ideal for enhancing learning for both teachers and students.

Types Of Flashcards GravEiens Eduservices Renders

Regardless of whether you are an EdTech firm or a teaching Institution, flashcards developed by GravEiens Eduservices are a frequently significant apparatus to embrace and personify the idea of wisdom. From the fundamental letters to times tables. To enhance vocabulary, the use of flashcard is a common practice. Let's explore the different types of flash cards we offer-

Rhymes Flashcards

Another significant idea to be learned, basically in the beginning phases of primary school, is phonetics and the capacity to perceive rhymes. To become familiar with this, essential words with rhyming capacity, for example, "pair" or "fair," are on one side of the card. GravEiens Eduservices creates many rhyming words you can consider that fit on the contrary side of the card, and test your understudy. Moreover, in this service, we work as per the prerequisites listed by the clients.

Importance Of Flashcard

The importance of flashcards is essential to study materials that serve as memory boosters for students and aid in understanding content structure more rapidly. Students encounter a wide range of study materials on various topics. Nowadays, digital versions of flashcard are also available, which are effective for use at the school or high school level. There are some scintillating reasons why flashcard have been needed for such a long time. Although they may appear somewhat exhausting from the outset when you understand the advantages, there is no retreat! Let's understand the viability of these cards:

Financially Savvy

Flash cards are quite possibly the most reasonable method of learning accessible to date. On the off chance that you wish to buy those flash cards accessible on the lookout, you can put resources into straightforward ones that fulfill the necessities of an agency's clients.


Flashcards provide agencies with improved portability compared to other content formatting alterations such as textbooks or classroom materials. If you require information on multiple subjects simultaneously, typically, you would need to refer to the textbooks for each. However, having flash cards covering various topics makes it much more convenient to access different types of infographics.

An Expanded Assortment Of Study Techniques

Generally, when students memorize from textbooks or notes, instead of focusing on the actual content, they end up cramming the material. Flash cards are designed in a specific instructional format and content modification. Agencies should familiarize themselves with the original concepts of the answers and grasp the concepts at a deeper level.


Flashcards are accessible for each subject. Starting from the basics, such as events and dates for history classes, to advanced medical terminology, vocabulary, psychology, math formulas, and so on. Worksheet’s development can be eccentric for an assortment of subjects. They are learning devices past flawlessness as there is nothing an understudy does not conceal with their assistance.

Exact Learning

Revising the prospectus isn't what makes an understudy scholastically solid. Selecting the significant focuses and adapting as needed is a procedure most understudies do not create for quite a while. Educational flashcards serve as a companion in situations where the curriculum appears to be overwhelming, and there is limited time left for exams. Students often have a lot to cover in a short period, making it crucial to rely on strategies that facilitate efficient learning. Our flashcard services provide a pathway for knowledge and content enhancement, streamlining the learning process and guiding students on how to respond to assessments.

  1. Develops engaging educational videos to enhance the learning experience.
  2. Ensuring that designs engage and motivate students.
  3. Understanding clients and their needs.
  4. Establishing and adhering to relevant standards.
  5. Creating visually appealing and interactive educational videos.
  6. Using minimalist templates to reach a global audience.
  7. Playing a significant role in the e-learning process.
  8. Selecting suitable media for video distribution.
  9. Editing video content for accuracy.
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How Does It Work?

Here at GravEiens Eduservices leverage flash cards as a dynamic tool for enhancing learning retention and engagement. Our approach begins with crafting concise and visually appealing flashcards that cover essential concepts, formulas, and examples. These flashcards are seamlessly integrated into our online platform, enabling students to access them conveniently and engage in active recall.

Students can personalize their flashcard sets, prioritize topics for review, and track their progress as they master different concepts. The interactive nature of our flashcard system encourages self-assessment and reinforces understanding through repeated exposure to key information. Plus, our mobile-friendly design ensures that students can study anytime, anywhere, using their preferred devices. This comprehensive approach to flashcard empowers students to optimize their learning experience and achieve academic success.

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