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Scenario-based learning is a method of teaching or practicing expertise utilizing virtual, intelligent, problem-resolving techniques. This learning methodology generally includes students managing a real-life situation-based issue. This prevails them to secure the important abilities expected to manage comparable issues at the working palace. Creating efficient situations for e-learning is an innovative ability that includes cautious thought of interaction, problem outlining, character's behaviour and requires a profound comprehension of real-life situations. Situation-based learning if executed well can be a viable method of preparing for the students. Situation-based learning ought to be sufficiently vivid to improve the commitment speculations of the students. Students should confront genuine difficulties like precisely introducing an issue, allocating an errand, or quieting an irate shopper, and so forth. Content engineers neglect to comprehend that in situation-based learning each reaction should have an outcome and it is critical to make relatable situations and interface the branches with one another. Situation-based learning ought to be intended to meet the destinations of an association. Learning and Development groups should utilize situation-based learning which triggers and drive social change that works with dynamic and elevate basic reasoning abilities. Situations ought to be planned in such a way that they permit safe investigation of delicate circumstances and permit them to gain from their errors.

How we Help

How We Help


Graveiens Edu Services is the b2b EdTech firm rendering educational outsourcing services from Noida, India. We have a team of meticulous situation-based designers who foster customized Scenario- Based learning arrangements depending on respect to the preparation goals of organizations. Situations by us are planned in regards to genuine issues that are consistently been searched by the students. Situation-based learning formulated by us comprises connected scenes linear in a sequence. We especially observe practical situations which students find intriguing. We make a connection between the branches alongside estimating the effect of expanding situations. Situation-based learning created by us is fascinating, sincerely determined, and intertwined with true advantages and difficulties. We assist students to secure proficient information and spotlight instead of muddling the storyline. Situation-based learning provided by Graveiens helps Teaching Institutions & EdTech firms in sharpening their relational abilities, improving customer connections, and upgrading their efficiency and efficacy. We help organizations in decreasing the time and cost of preparing by inundating the students, in actual, circumstances and the climate. We revolve around causing the students to learn better through experience. Our scenario-based learning works with critical thinking among students, gives them a guided perspective, gives them a protected zone to acquire capability, permits them to commit errors, and reinforces the correct methodology. Altogether, we are an agency providing a perfect rendition to all the EdTech firms & teaching institutions when it comes to formulating content for scenario-based learning.

How GravEiens Help for Scenario-Based Learning

Types of Scenario Based Learning

Scenario-based learning is all about experiencing real-life situations and solving them with efficacy. We develop synergy between students and scenario-based learning by leveraging the informative abyss. Some of the scenario-based learning that we offer are as follows: -

Basic Scenario-based learning

Primary Scenario-based learning

Graveiens renders primary (basic) Scenario-based learning services to help the students in testing or rehearsing one’s ability. We make these scenario-based learning fascinating which assist in sharpening the creative ability of the students. We alter them according to the objectives and necessities stated by our clients. These situation-based learning arrangements don't simply ponder on taking care of issues yet in addition to acquiring or receiving new abilities.

Stark Scenario-based Learning

Stark Scenario-based Learning

Stark scenarios formulated by Graveiens offer stark learning arrangements. Programming and cycle preparing is based on these situations. We assist students with learning the different highlights of the product or a cycle. This aide them in understanding complex cycles and ideas. At Graveiens, we foster e-learning situations that utilize stark scenario-based learning answers for students.



With assistance of Microworlds Scenario-based Learning, we convey a virtual portrayal of genuine circumstances. We let the students truly associate with different components of the virtual world and gain from encounters. We address the necessities of students dependent on their exceptional targets. Our situation based preparing modules are diverse for each student and are planned according to the intended interest groups.

Example Based Scenario-based Learning

Instance Scenario-based Learning

Graveiens are agency suppliers that convey instance-based Scenario Learning by furnishing students with various conditions and urging them to intercede and decide further game plans. Situations are sequentially planned and empower students in noticing the results of their activities. We urge students to think legitimately and psychologically to effectively arrive at the ultimate result.

Functions of Scenario-Based Learning

Functions of Scenario-Based Learning

Graveiens Edu Services are service suppliers rendering educational outsourcing services to various EdTech firms & Learning Institutions. Learning dependent on genuine situations, everyday work issues, and intriguing cases in tasks can be known as situation-based learning. It assists students with reacting to the given circumstances, intensifying choices, or selecting a specific game-plan. At this point, when you take this idea with regards to internet/eLearning, it very well may be portrayed as Scenario-Based eLearning. Simultaneously, scenario-based learning also prepares understudies for the competitive examinations where they are critically analysed on these real-life situations to check their psyche & mindset regarding society & ecology. Let’s discover some of the fascinating functions of scenario-based learning.

Here are the five significant advantages of scenario-based learning in the Ed-Tech World:

How It Works

Here at Graveiens Edu Services, our process stream guarantees to make smaller and accessible preparing modules utilizing situation-based learning for students to help them acquire top-notch information and help them in a faster in general turn of events. We first, distinguish the requirements, niche crowds, and destinations of organizations. Then, we pick the circumstance for the students and select the able situation structure. Then, we foster the order of the situations and the learning takeaways. We then, at that point plan the situation. At last, evaluate it for quality affirmation. In a nutshell, it extensively be said that the 6 stages of our work process incorporate distinguishing, picking, choosing, creating, planning, and surveying.