About Us

GravEiens Edu Services Private Limited is a collective, which is based upon a reason of bringing the educational and the entire breadth of industrial sector to a new age. Our founder, Mr. Jitendra Chaubey., experienced the sorry state of students first when, in fact, he himself was a student. Beleaguered by an education scene that have an extremely narrow vision of what academia is supposed to be, he/she never got to pursue the high end researching goals in this country. This is the case for almost the entire spectrum of the country’s students as well. With a goal fixed upon somehow getting a respectable job position, they are willing to sacrifice their interests and talents into pursuing a career path where they are bound to mire in mediocracy and frustration.

GravEiens Edu Services Private Limited has been a concerted effort in shining the correct path of light to all students pursuing academics for whatever reason it might be. Our entire batch of faculties and staff has shared the goals and vision in the same way, and they also happen to be the best of their jobs. In the educational facilities that we are providing to whom we view as being our core customers, there is no charge taken whatsoever. It is a deliberate effort for yourself to get an education that you truly deserve not something that someone told you to pursue on a whim.

The faculties in our knowledge department are leading figures who have had their own personal and professional experience all across the world. Through Graveiens Edu Services Private Limited, we want to create a change, which will see the true potential of what India has to offer to the world.

About GravEiens Edu Services Company
 GravEiens Edu Services Company Mission


To create a change, or at least be the first to make a change in terms of educational organizations in the country of India. It is targeted in order to secure a definitive future where education and competency would be seen by the youth as an attractive prospect, not something that society has burdened them with. Ultimately, we hope at becoming a trailblazer for the general populace that education is truly priceless something that one should value personally, not about parading about with no fire and passion within oneself.


We would like to see a country where value is given exactly where it should be. We completely understand the level of competitiveness, and social pressures that students have to face in the society today. However, in future, we would like to see a country where things have truly changed for the better. Where there is freedom of choice for an individual, and opportunities available to pursue them as such. This is the central vision of everything we have to offer, and see how effective we can be through hard work, perseverance and dedication.

 GravEiens Edu Services Company Vision