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Skill Development

IntroductionSkill Development is all about leveraging the inner gap of oneself and cultivating the hidden talents of your personality. As it was quoted in the 3 Idiot, “You should always chase the excellence, not the success, if you’ll chase the excellence success will automatically find its way towards you. Every child is different and special, providing them with skill training is a complex task because every time you can’t apply the same approach in the skill development process. You need to first understand the difficulties which an understudy is facing and thereafter identify the problems correctly. You need to plan the strategies which will help the understudy to overcome the adversity that he/she is facing. In today’s world children are interposed between the modern tech world and conventional learning and as a result, they find themselves stuck and helpless. This is the time where they need a plan to sort out the difficulties, a plan and strategies which assist them to fight with the arduous situations is of extreme importance. Skill Development programs mean to recognize the capacity of the youth & young adults and broaden their mindset by serving them with the legitimate direction, framework, new opportunity, and support that assist them with accomplishing their aspirations. Educational learning and abilities are fundamental for everybody, and the two of them are directly proportional to everybody's career voyage. They are the genesis behind the monetary development and local area improvement of a country. Subsequently, both union and state governments are persistently putting forth attempts to furnish skill development for the youth and young adults with their skilling accomplices around the country. The advantages of Skill Development incorporate expanded business benefits, improved execution, improved precision, and quality, well-versed communication process, conforms to rules and rundowns, improved enlistment and vocation openings, and advancement of better client relations.


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Hindrances in Skill Development Process

Opportunity brings challenges along with it and barriers which are inescapable. The only way to deal with it is calmness and patience. Always remember “If Persistence and Courage are your companions you can accomplish whatever you anticipate from the life and the two of them are in you, you simply need to find it.”

Here are some challenges commonly quoted by our clients that they faced before collaborating with us-

  • Low inborn "goal remainder" bringing about low interest for professional skilling programs.
  • Clients ponder on the inadequacy of talented workers as an imperative.

Lack of perfect assimilation, channelization, and summarization. Subsequently, some miscellaneous reasons accompany repugnant plans, muddled guidelines, an abyss of vision, and a blend of creativity.

GravEiens Eduservices Mission & Vision for Skill Development

The greater part of India's populace is the main thrust of the economy, and at GravEiens Eduservices, we cling to render skill development and improvement programs for the young to all the EdTech firms and other Business Entities. We bestow skill development and rendering business freedoms to our clients, particularly from hindered foundations and provided labour force answers for the business. This skill development program will assist you with succeeding diverse Government Programs and projects like Skill India, Digital India, Make in India, and so on.


Our Mission is to render a vigorous institutional plan at the Union and State levels to accomplish skill development exercises in the country. We are vendors providing skill development training and information services that altogether elevate our clients’ hands-on efficiency & efficacy, in this manner improving their commitments to their customer's objectives. We serendipitously fabricated a group of exceptional experts in India to leverage the abyss of learning communication.


GravEiens Eduservices vision is to develop quality skills development content for the youth and assist them in their tough times. We believe that every individual is different and special so we accordingly plan and strategize skilling solutions as per the pre-requisites & renditions provided by our clients. We accumulate, decipher, process, and render impeccable skill development services that assist our clients in amplifying their business.

Training Platforms: How we Help

GravEiens Eduservices is the b2b EdTech firm. We are vendors providing educational outsourcing services from Noida, India. There are various contemporary platforms which are provided by us to develop the skills. All these platforms are well-versed with the current situation and simultaneously help you to discover yourself. They are as follows: -
Types of Courses We Offer
Acknowledgment of Prior Learning (APL)

Under this preparation standards, we furnish testaments to jobless people with related knowledge who will effectively get to the Bridge Courses to oblige information hindrances.

Transient Training

GravEiens Eduservices offers momentary preparing modules to jobless understudies. We give these instructional meetings to engage jobless individuals under the rules of the National Skills Qualification Framework (NSQF).

Exceptional Projects

Under these preparation program, we give tutoring administrations restrictive of the standard structure, which assist people with a particular information prerequisite. Which will ultimately help the understudies who are unemployed & struggling.

Professional Training

We are a pinnacle skilling assistant for ability advancement and coordination of professional preparing, including people's professional preparing to the jobless youth in a few conditions of the country. We intend to give a gifted labor force to each industry vertical other than giving situation administrations.

Our Status valu

Skill Development Fields

  1. Banking and Financial Services
  2. IT and IT-Enabled Services
  3. Gadgets Design
  4. Engineering Design
  5. Retail
  6. Excellence and Wellness
  7. Wellbeing
  8. Accommodation
  9. Attire
  10. Material
  11. Food Processing
  12. Pearls and Jewelry
  13. Workmanship
  14. Media and Entertainment
  15. Workmanship
  16. Automotive
  17. Vital Manufacturing
  18. Telecom
  19. Force
  20. Rubber
  21. Business Process Outsourcing
  22. Sports, Physical Education, Fitness and Leisure
  23. The executives and Entrepreneurship and Professional Skills
GravEiens Eduservices

GravEiens Eduservices is the B2B one-shop stop for education personnel & organization who are looking for Quality Educational & Digital content.

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