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“Competition is increasing you need to focus on your studies, otherwise you’ll not be able to survive in this highly competitive world”. Generally, every understudy had come across this phrase quoted by their parents. This is because your parents care for you and they want you to succeed in your life. But they never thought that why their ward is not studying or why he/she is getting detached from studies. Everybody points out the problem but never tells you the solution, after hardcore research on this matter we concluded that due to poor techniques & conventional pattern of the textbook’s students are getting mundane from studies. They try hard to focus but are not able to achieve fruitful results because they are studying but not by heart. To solve this problem of the society, Graveiens Edu Services, agency suppliers (b2b EdTech firm) formulate educational videos which leverage the gap between studies & students. Educational videos comprise of proper layout planning, correct colour corrections, proper use of font families & tantalizing motion graphics which arouses the psyche of the students & eventually assist them to understand the complications of the topics. Educational Videos are booming in this media influential world where everybody is going for creative & innovative studies instead of traditional learning. The profit of learning from these videos is that for a long period you can retain the topics in your mind because there is visual communication and as they say seeing is believing. The extension of information and artistic abilities are significant variables in creating educational videos for advanced education. It requires the capacity to relate the essential information to the on-grade information and present it intellectually. Educational Videos for advanced education likewise require a comprehension of feel, which incorporates the association of content, utilizing great supporting pictures and suitable summarization.


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Graveiens Edu Services is an educational agency supplier rendering educational videos through a group comprising Expert Video Editors. Our experts spent their significant time in various idea fields and trains for undergrad, post-graduate, and Ph.D. levels. Our Editors & formulators can create video content that is planned to meet the learning targets of the educational program. With their educational mindfulness, video experts are exceptionally smart with their selection of layout, colour correction, and supporting visuals while creating video content. Our group of editors & formulators are enthusiastic about arranging and concluding educational content that is intuitive, coordinated, and upheld by significant models, illustrations, and different incorporations. All divisions are helped by particular visualizers, quality experts, editors, and visual originators who help in accomplishing & rendering projects and reaching out to an ideal outcome. Additionally, our online video formulation services are accessible day in and day out so the content can be conveyed across various time regions.

Types of Educational Video Development Services

We are one of the best agencies providing k-12 assessment development services to our prestigious clients from reputed enterprises, universities, and schools. Our team of k-12 assessments service providers is experienced with working on a variety of projects allotted by our diverse clients.
Qualities of Educational Videos

We are an agency supplier rendering fascinated method to instruct the understudies. It involves creativity and inventiveness which tantalizes the psyche of the students. Additionally, educational videos as compared to textbooks are not, “audience-intensive” it is “technological intensive” which doesn’t depend upon the capabilities of the audience and can be understood easily without any complexities. We strictly cohere to the guidelines provided by our clients to avoid any confusion & conflicts.

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As a credible educational video development organization, we put stock in full arrangement and careful conveyance. In this way, first, we start with understanding the full necessities and prerequisites of our customers. After getting detailed information, we begin dealing with the venture. If the undertaking is identified with Learning or scholastics, our educational video creators work in close coordinated effort with our subject matter specialists to guarantee precise efficacy. When we complete planning the recordings, our group of editors and illustrators function as effectively as they can to guarantee top-notch videos and effective conveyance. When the item is prepared for conveyance, we apply quality checks over the recordings to check their quality, openness and precision. Even after the conveyance, we stay in contact with our customers and guarantee subsequent meet-ups whenever required


GravEiens Edu Services is the B2B one-shop stop for education personnel & organization who are looking for Quality Educational & Digital content.

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