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Experts here at GravEiens Eduservices has illustrated that, there are numerous problems and barriers while constructing strategies and process for mobile e-learning. An absence of specialized norms is positively an issue. Truth be told, in certain nations where mobiles are more normalized, e- Learning services is easier to convey. In different nations where digital content are in trend, it is substantially more difficult to convey intuitive eLearning services as children are relying on that content for the information. We will not have the option to make dynamic, media-rich, intelligent exercises that utilize the qualities of cell phones, like GPS or inherent cameras, until guidelines are received that can be utilized across most of proficient mobile phones. There is likewise an absence of creative mind mapping, the advancement of good versatile educational learning. We need to split away from plans that function admirably just on work stations or in full screen programs and begin zeroing in on the qualities and impediments of the more modest gadgets that are being referred to here. All the more significantly, we need to see how individuals really utilize these gadgets, and make it a characteristic movement for them to take exercises utilizing those equivalent strategies. Devices are not yet as developed for making portable educational learning exercises, just like those that have been in need for quite a long time for the programed market. The simpler apparatuses are in use, the simpler and quicker we'll have the option to convey portable learning. At last, we need to discover and embrace a suitable plan of action to guarantee achievement in mobile learning conveyance. Until it is clear that it bodes well monetarily, many won't receive this setting for learning conveyance.


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How We Help?

GravEiens Eduservices is a b2b EdTech firm rendering educational outsourcing services. We have a squad of experienced engineers who formulate & render cognizant and substantial mobile educational learning content for our clients to expand the cerebral knowledge of the students. We are vendors of individual educational fields, and work with their development just as advancement for the flourishing of the association. Our mobile learning services renders bite-sized educational learning arrangements that are pointed toward setting out a freedom for any-time learning. We give our clients accomplished arrangements that are best in innovation and financially savvy. We provide 24*7 services to our clients whenever the timing is ideal for them, assist them with animating their preparation rapidly and offer a quick update on changes. We improve dynamic characteristics of the clients by empowering synergistic learning. We utilize the most recent innovation, as HTML5, to plan ideal versatile viable e- learning content for our customers.

Types Of Mobile Learning Services

GravEiens Eduservices are agency suppliers formulating efficient mobile learning solution by using contemporary techniques. To serve the needs of clients and customers is our dharma. Some of the mobile learning services which we render are as follows:
Facets of Mobile E-learning

Mobile e-learning is the technique for utilizing cell phones for educative learning. Simultaneously, there is a huge assortment of portable learning board frameworks and they differ enormously as far as client experience and highlights.


It is constructed for mobile learning. It's a strategy for instructing that distils data into effective, simple to-process, scaled-down lumps. Getting to its genesis but a cell phone implies viable learning can happen anyplace whenever.

Dispersed Repetition

It is the practice towards continuing learning over expanding spans. It's significant not to rehash it too early or past the point of no return – a logical timetable ought to be utilized. It's an extraordinary committed element to have with mobile learning since little, portable cordial exercises can without much of a stretch be rehashed.

Companion Learning

Most eLearning comes from outsiders and is regularly difficult for students to draw in with. Companion Learning sees partners educating associates. Getting your best and most splendid to rapidly make microlessons that are dribbling with skill will be exceptionally captivating for students who can all the more likely identify with both the instructor and the specific circumstance.

Mobile-Centric Authoring Tool

A lot of eLearning is composed in discrete programming and by various individuals contrasted with an organization's own LMS. In any case, by utilizing a mobile learning framework that has an incorporated writing instrument, it's easy to make intuitive exercises essentially by transferring questions and replies to existing formats.

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How It Works

Here at GravEiens Eduservices, our cycle stream guarantees to make minimalistic and reachable preparing modules for students to help them acquire top-notch information and help them viably in general turn of events.

We first, recognize the fundamental antecedents of customers and learning targets, then, at that point decide the foundation of content conveyance. We then, at that point plan top calibers and versatile amicable content. Then, we support client commitment by passionate contribution and coordinate social e-learning techniques. At last, survey and alter it after the quality affirmation.

To sum things up, it very well may be said that the 6 stages of our work process incorporate recognizing, deciding, planning, boosting, coordinating and auditing. To be exact, we distinguish, decide, plan, support, incorporate, and audit for QC

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