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From elementary school to High School, there has been a significant shift in courses and coursework. Students explore a variety of subjects until the tenth grade, after which they specialize in specific streams—science, business, or the arts—during the eleventh grade. While textbooks suffice for foundational learning, the educational videos landscape undergoes a significant transformation in high school. Unlike conventional learning methods that may fall short of engaging students' minds, High School education should focus on fostering creativity and innovation.

In High School, cultivating unique teaching approaches is essential to captivate students' interest and enhance their creativity. As students move from High School to the professional world, where educational videos play a crucial role, they may find themselves lacking in certain areas, often attributed to a deficiency in creative thinking. It is the responsibility of High Schools to nurture and develop students' creative capacities, ensuring they are well-prepared for the dynamic challenges beyond the classroom.

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How We Help In Providing Educational Videos?

At GravEiens, we work as agency suppliers inside the business's, B2B model. We not only formulate high school educational videos from India for students but also spend a great amount of time researching the needs and psyche of 21st-century understudies. We know that traditional e-learning videos will not help the students they need something more to survive in this media-influential world. GravEiens has a team of educational content developers who are maestros of their fields.

Video is an audio-visual medium that bridges the gap between the subject and the understudies. Students are encouraged to develop insights into the topic and subject matter by watching educational videos, which spark their creativity. We pay detailed attention to planning, layout, color correction, animation, proper use of text and appropriate font families, and background score to make the communication easy & effective. The educational videos comprise brief & significant information that helps the students to build their concepts. Videos rendered by us are well-versed and friendly with distinctive gadgets available in the market. We are available 24/7 to accommodate the complexity of different time zones.

Types Of Educational Videos

At GravEiens, we offer various types of high school educational videos that will help you not only learn but also solidify your understanding of the topic “Learning is necessary but mugging is harmful to your personality”.

Detailed Educational Video Development

With the keen utilization of the most recent innovation and constant IT stage support, we render detailed video arrangements that are characterized by utilizing pen tablet by the Subject Matter Experts as pre-clients’ pre-requisites. With the use of top-notch video equipment, sound recorders, amplifiers, and other helpful tools, we provide online tutoring and learning solutions for students through our knowledgeable video lectures.

Animated Educational Videos

GravEiens is a B2B EdTech agency supplier that offers animated videos to give clients excellent e-learning solutions. We create animated 2D, 3D, and logical learning videos. All of the visual content in the instructional videos has been carefully prepared and reviewed by educators and industry professionals. We use state-of-the-art video equipment to capture insights into the subjects to provide continuous and real-time educational video from India for the students.

Video Lesson Development

GravEiens is an agency supplier that uses modern methods to address learning gaps and make the exercises interesting and captivating. To assist students in grasping the concept of education, we create skillful video tales that include convincing introductions by Subject Matter Experts, perceptive explanations, itemized outlines, and impartial "highlight" voice direction.

Qualities Of Educational Videos

Education Videos are the most fascinating method to instruct understudies. It requires originality and imagination that captures kids' interest. Additionally, learning videos—as compared to textbooks—are "technologically intensive" rather than "audience-intensive," meaning that they can be simply understood without requiring a comprehensive understanding of the audience. We strictly adhere to the guidelines provided by our clients to avoid any confusion & conflicts.

  1. Shot at 4k Resolution
  2. Detailed Information
  3. Amalgamated Audio-Visual
  4. Clear & Concise
  5. Easy to Absorb
  6. Real-Life Learnings
  7. Shares Consolidated Message
  8. Use Storyline & Sensitive Expressions
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How Does It Work?

As a reputable company that creates educational videos, we value precise preparation and distribution. In this way, first, we start with understanding the full necessities and prerequisites of our customers. We start working on the project after we have comprehensive information. Our educational video producers collaborate closely with our subject matter experts to ensure exact effectiveness while working on projects related to learning or academics. After we have finished organizing the videos, our team of editors and illustrators works as hard as they can to ensure high-quality videos and fast production. As soon as the content is ready for delivery, we run quality checks on the recordings to ensure accuracy, transparency, and quality. We maintain contact with our clients even after the delivery and arrange follow-up meetings as needed.
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