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As we move from elementary education to College, there is a drastic change in the subjects and in the studies. In school we have to study various subjects till class 10 th and we specialize in 11 th and choose our streams i.e., science, commerce or arts accordingly. Books are available and i.e., sufficient for us. Comparatively, in college the pattern of the education change drastically we choose the courses of our choice and take the admission. College is all about knowing the insights and genesis of the subject which can be discovered only when the learning is interesting and innovative which can’t be done only by using textbooks something more is required to leverage the gap between the subjects and the students. Conventional learning is all about using dilapidated teaching techniques which fails to tantalize the psyche of the students. Uniqueness in the teaching process is required to enhance the creativity of the students. As soon as students graduate from the college and face the real marketing world where media plays an influential role, he/she finds themselves lacking somewhere and this due to lack of creativity. College is responsible for developing and foraying the creativity in the understudy’s mind.

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Here at Graveiens, we are agency suppliers working in the b2b model of the business. We not only formulate the educational videos for college students but also spend a great amount of time researching on the need and the psyche of the 21st Centuries understudies. We know that traditional learning will not help the students they need something more to survive in this media influential world. Graveiens has a team video content developer who are maestros of their fields. Educational Video Content is an audio- visual medium which bridges the gap between the subject and the understudies. Educational videos ignite the creativity in the students mind and push them to cultivate the insights of the topic and the subject. We pay detailed attention on planning, layout, colour correction, animation, proper use of text and appropriate font families, background score to make the communication easy & effective. The educational videos comprise the brief & significant informational which helps the students to build their concepts. Videos rendered by us are well-versed and friendly with distinctive gadgets available in the market. We have round the clock availability to meet the complexities of various time zones.

Type of Video Solution Services

Here at Graveiens we provide various types of educational learning videos which not only assists you in studying but also helps you to develop the concepts of the topics “Learning is necessary but Mugging is harmful for your personality”.

Detailed Educational Videos Development

With the keen utilization of the most recent innovation and constant IT stage support, we render detailed video arrangements that are characterized utilizing Pen Tablet by the Subject Matter Experts as pre clients’ pre-requisites. We utilize superior quality video contraptions, sound recorders, amplifiers, and other supporting assistants to offer online tutoring & learning solutions learning answers for the understudies through our expert video addresses.

Animated Videos

Graveiens is the b2b EdTech agency suppliers providing the automated video to offer top notch e-learning answers for the customers. We contrive 2D, 3D, and logical enlivened videos. The whole visual content in the educational videos is completely investigated work done by industry specialists and educationalists. We utilize top quality video contraptions for catching insights of the topics to offer constant and live stage learning answers for the understudies.

Video Lesson Development

Graveiens is an agency supplier applying contemporary techniques to deal with short comes of the learning and to make the exercises engaging and fascinating. We make proficient video narratives containing intelligent Infographics, itemized outline astute clarification, impartial 'highlight' voice direction, and persuading mooring by Subject Matter Experts to help understudies to get a handle on the point being educated easily.

Qualities of Educational Videos

Educational Videos are the most fascinated method to instruct the understudies. It involves creativity and inventiveness that tantalizes the psyche of the students. Additionally, educational videos as compared to textbooks are not, “audience-intensive” it is “technological intensive” which doesn’t depend upon the capabilities of the audience and can be understand easily without any complexities. We strictly cohere to the guidelines provided by our clients to avoid any confusion & conflicts.

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  2. Detalied Information
  3. Amalgamated Audio-Visual
  4. Clear
  5. Concise
  6. Concise
  7. Easy to Absorb
  8. Real-Life Learnings
  9. Shares Consolidated message
  10. Use Storyline & Sensitive Expresssions
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How It Works

As a credible educational video development organization, we put stock in full arrangement and careful conveyance. In this way, first, we start with understanding the full necessities and prerequisites of our customers. After getting detailed information, we begin dealing with the venture. If the undertaking is identified with Learning or scholastics, our educational video creators work in close coordinated effort with our subject matter specialists to guarantee precise efficacy. When we complete planning the recordings, our group of editors and illustrators function as effectively as they can to guarantee top-notch videos and effective conveyance. When the item is prepared for conveyance, we apply quality checks over the recordings to check their quality, openness and precision. Even after the conveyance, we stay in contact with our customers and guarantee subsequent meet-ups whenever required.
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GravEiens Edu Services is the B2B one-shop stop for education personnel & organization who are looking for Quality Educational & Digital content.

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