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Live online tutoring must have a solid grasp of the entire educational program. They need to create online classes that are as interactive and engaging as possible. Students often complain that online sessions are faster than physical classes, making them less effective. A successful live online tutoring service should understand the most suitable pace for students and develop classes accordingly. They should utilize content architectures such as creatives, podcasts, PPTs, audio-visual content, and outlines to ensure the content is credible. Online tutoring services should ensure that their tutors are available whenever students need to clarify doubts, even during odd hours. Tutors should engage with students openly to create a comfortable environment.


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How We Help In Live Online Tutoring?

GravEiens Eduservices is a B2B EdTech firm providing content outsourcing services from Noida, India. We boast a substantial team of seasoned and highly skilled online tutors, providing top-notch and user-friendly live online tutoring service. We select our subject experts through a rigorous and complex selection process. Additionally, after rigorous selection, we conduct performance tests to assess the proficiency of the Subject Matter Experts. Also, we provide homework help online which refers to the assistance and resources available on the internet to support students in completing their assignments, and projects, and studying for exams.

Our experts provide content modification and design captivating content architecture, including worksheet development, assessment development, classroom materials, study materials, and more. This ensures that our tutors have a strong grasp of the subjects. We have a 24x7 monitoring system that helps us provide various services in critical areas worldwide. Furthermore, we have a strict schedule to ensure timely delivery of services. Even after delivery, we stay in touch with our clients to provide follow-ups as needed.

Advantages Of Online Tutoring Services Offered By GravEiens Eduservices

The e-learning industry often requires adaptable companies that tailor services to their needs. We at GravEiens Eduservices provide the best online tutoring services using modern tools and tactics, assisting clients in challenging situations. Let's discuss the benefits of live online tutoring offered by us.

Key Aspects Of Live Tutoring At GravEiens Eduservices

The live tutoring at GravEiens Eduservices communicates with clients through the Internet. Tutors and online tutors use tools like email, messaging software, and webcams to communicate with clients. Tools may vary depending on the client's needs. Tutors can assist with study materials and classroom materials or help clients understand subjects better. Let's explore the qualities of online tutors at GravEiens Eduservices.

Passion & Persistence

Our online educators have a passion for teaching, along with several qualities to help students learn and understand subjects. Live online tutoring is intriguing because of the reduced proximity, so in addition to passion, our online tutors also demonstrate persistence, which is necessary for challenging situations.

In-Depth Knowledge

Our online tutors must have a deep understanding of a specific subject area. They utilize their expertise to engage students in activities that promote a deeper understanding of the subject. Additionally, they possess profound knowledge of the subject's intricacies, which is crucial for online tutoring to facilitate smooth learning.

Technical Understanding

A fundamental characteristic that sets online tutors apart from traditional educators is their use of technology during teaching. To create courses, introduce applications to enhance the learning process, and deliver lessons effectively, a certain level of technical proficiency is required. Our online tutors are well-versed in technical skills and can communicate seamlessly with students without technical hindrances.

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How Does It Work?

The primary task of our live online tutoring service is to understand our clients. They reach out to clients and discuss their needs, ensuring they meet all requirements. Once they understand the client's needs, they collaborate internally to plan how to fulfill those requirements. They combine their professional and subject expertise with the client's demands to design the best live tutoring service for our clients. Even after delivery, they maintain contact with clients, gather feedback, and address any follow-ups required.

GravEiens Eduservices

GravEiens Eduservices is the B2B one-shop stop for education personnel & organization who are looking for Quality Educational & Digital content.

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