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The Civil Services Examination (CSE) is the toughest competitive examination held in India. It is droved by the Union Public Service Commission for enlistment to various Civil Services posts of the Government of India, including the IAS, IFS, and IPS accordingly. Likewise, just alluded as the UPSC assessment, it is directed in three stages - a primer assessment comprising of two objective-type papers (General Studies Paper I and General Studies Paper-II additionally prominently known as Civil Service Aptitude Test or CSAT), and a fundamental assessment comprising of nine papers of traditional (article) type, in which two papers are qualifying and simply indications of seven are checked followed by an interview (meet). The Civil Services Examination depends on the British time Imperial Civil Service tests, just as the common assistance tests led by old Indian domains like the Mauryan Empire and Mughal Empire. It is the most troublesome cutthroat assessment in India. A solitary endeavour requires two complete long stretches of readiness - one year before the prelims and one year from prelims to interview. Altogether, one sits in the real test for 32 hours from prelims till the meeting. Overall, 900,000 to 1,000,000 aspirants apply each year and the quantity of competitors sitting in the primer assessment is around 550,000. Results for the Prelims are distributed in mid-August, while the final result is distributed in May of the following year.

How we Help

How We Help


Graveiens Edu Services is one of the eccentric EdTech firms in India rendering effective content development services for UPSC examination. We are vendors working in the b2b model of business. We provide a spectrum of services to numerous EdTech firms & teaching institutions assisting them in formulating the UPSC preparatory content. We provide study materials such as textbook solutions, instructional designing, worksheet development, educational cinematography, audio-visual content development, and various customized services as demanded by clients. We are academic developers with a sense of knowledge in the field of UPSC examination. Our experts ponder on the various technicalities & intricacies of the examination to provide the best academic content design to our clients. We have various teams especially constituted to develop the study material for the UPSC examination. Moreover, three separate teams work independently building a correlation between them. The first team is responsible for developing study material, instructional designing, worksheet development, and audio-visual content for aspirants who are appearing for prelims. Following the second team, they are responsible for formulating the same things for mains examination. Last but not the least, the third team is responsible for preparing the strategies for the interview rounds. All the experts who are working in all these three formats are well-trained & aware of all the notions that are required for developing the study materials & strategies for clearing the UPSC examination. Subsequently, our team provides content enrichment & content revitalization services of pre-prepared content and renders flawless content architecture to our clients. All the study materials are annexed with real-life case studies, articles, blogs, and infographics that give rise to relatability, intent, and potent of the final content which is rendered to the clients.

How GravEiens Help for UPSC Exam


As we all know, UPSC is one of the tedious examinations that requires persistence & courage & continuous motivation for clearing the examination. So, to reduce the gloomy factor from the preparation part the learning content needs to be innovative, insightful, and relatable. All these three factors evoke the cerebrum of the aspirant & help them to achieve the desired results. Let’s discuss some of the effective techniques rendered by Graveiens to assist the clients in preparing the profound content solutions for the UPSC examination.

Know the test well

Know the test well

Before planning for any test, know the bare essential of the test all around ok. Here at Graveiens we prepare the students with the essential knowledge and brief them "how to plan their studies", "what to read & what not". Overall, we convey the essential information and plan which aids them when they prepare for the examination.

Reinforce your establishment

Reinforce your establishment

Regardless of what your experience is, you need to comprehend the nuts and bolts of the center subjects of the UPSC schedule. Consequently, we allude to NCERTs and bring up the stripped-down content from it so that it becomes easy for the aspirants to comprehend the content without any difficulties. Additionally, we provide them the other reading stuffs apart from NCERT i.e., current affairs, English Language & Literature, Analytical Reasonings, and so on which are drafted by our experts.

Embrace the Knowledge by Additional Content & Preparation Videos

Embrace the Knowledge by Additional Content & Preparation Videos

As the course for the UPSC is quite diverse and difficult to read. Many times, it had been observed that students get detached from their studies so to overcome this problem our experts have formulated educational videos for the UPSC aspirants which contain all-around information and arouse the interest of the aspirants where they can learn creatively without getting detached from the studies.

Practice Answer Writing + Revision

Viable Worksheet Development + Practise sets

Composing the answers for the questions asked in the examination is an arduous situation for the students in the examination. So, to overcome this problem our experts provide effective worksheets & practice papers to our clients that are full of intriguing questions meeting up the benchmark of the examination.

Groom the Aspirants for Interview

Groom the Aspirants for Interview

After all the essential preparation our experts provide the strategies to our clients for the interview. Clearing the exam is not enough because all your faith lies in the hands of the interviewer. UPSC interview is one of the toughest interviews so our experts especially conduct a special pre-recorded session where the technicalities are been told how to perform in the interview and how to answer the paradox & hypothetical questions which are asked by the interviewers.

Benefits of Preparing & Clearing UPSC

Preparing and clearing UPSC is altogether an arduous deal. As we all know UPSC examines your overall dialect and then they decide that you fit in all the criteria or not. There is no doubt that UPSC is quite robust and it demands its aspirant’s utmost dedication and persistence. Preparing for UPSC is altogether an intriguing task. This is because you have to study an immense number of things and you should dilate your brain accordingly. We all know that after clearing UPSC you are eligible for all the civil service posts such as IAS, IPS, and IFS accordingly. After having prepared for this test, there are different choices accessible to a competitor to seek after as well as showing up for CSE. Since the prospectus of different tests is a subtype of the UPSC schedule, you can show up for other government tests. Now let’s get to know what are the perks of preparing for UPSC: -

  • Candidates can apply for State Civil Services Exams (State PCS) and can turn into a government employee in a State. One doesn't have to have a home for applying for a specific State and can show up for as many State PCS tests as one needs. In any case, one requires to qualify for that State language test. Hindi talking applicants can indeed show up for nine State PCS tests.

Benefits of Preparing & Clearing UPSC
  • You can go after other government positions like Combined Graduate Level (CGL) directed by Staff Selection Commission (SSC), as Probationary Officer (PO) in a financial area, as an instructor by qualifying Teaching Eligibility Test (TET). You can likewise turn into an instructor in a college, where you can educate students.

  • Other government tests you can show up for and clear effectively are the UPSC EPFO, CAPF, CDS, RBI Grade B, Intelligence Bureau, Railways.

  • Up-and-comers who fail to clear the meeting stage can get enrolled for top posts in the Public Sector Units (PSUs). To cite a model the recently comprised body, International Financial Services Center Authority (IFSC Authority) has welcomed applications from those candidates who had arrived at the last phase of the CSE test yet couldn't be in the last legitimacy. Additionally, the Sports Authority of India (SAI) and National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) have shown interest in selecting individuals who have shown up for the UPSC interviews.

How It Works

Here at Graveiens Edu Services, our process stream guarantees that the clients discover better data, top to bottom information, and straightforward content to observe the value in the visuals.

We initially recognize the necessities of our customers, then, at that point comprehend the pictures to be portrayed. We then, at that point archive the necessary endeavors and plan the layout/outline in like manner before creating important content. At long last, our quality examiners and editors evaluate the content for the exactness of data and language.

To sum things up, it tends to be said that the 6 stages of our work process incorporate planning, distinguishing, understanding, recording, creating, and evaluating.