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The cure for boredom is creativity. As agency suppliers, we provide educational content for high school using our dedicated staff of experts.

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As the Pandemic has acquired the world, formulating educational content is challenging for educational formulators. The digital platform has changed everything, including teaching and learning. Both teachers and understudies have faced hindrances in the learning process. Our professors and understudies work hard to promote it, they ultimately need to catch up. The world has changed 360 degrees it’s the need of the hour to shift from conventional learning to contemporary learning. The approach has to be changed from both ends i.e., the teacher needs to develop such compelling stuff for the learning that fascinates the psyche of the students and students need to cultivate themselves.

High Schooling is altogether a new experience for the students where they learn what they wanted to imbibe in themselves when they were in school, but seeing the current situation it’s an intriguing task. Teachers and Mentors are trying their best to deliver quality education content from their ends but as it’s the first time that they are compiling the content digitally somewhere they fail to hit the bull’s eye. This is due to a lack of experience on the digital platform that somewhere bothers the high school educational formulators to render delightful educational content for their students.


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How We Help In Educational Content Developmentt?

Here at GravEiens Eduservices, we have a team of exceptional educational content development experts who are maestros of their fields. They have an outstanding knowledge of the contemporary media influencing the world and they rapidly adapt themselves when the situation is adverse. We keenly examined the current situation and concluded that the approach to learning needs to be changed. We formulate content that acts as the knight in shining for the students. Our B2B educational content services include animated educational videos, textbook solutions, educational content writing, and animated videos for education.

Our experts believe that learning can be done easily if it is creative and innovative with this mindset, they develop educational content for high school that assists the students in arduous situations and makes learning easy and creative for them. The SMEs of GravEiens are quite smart in their choice of words and sentence construction when producing and distributing the material because of their academic mindfulness. Our team of educational content development is skilled at organizing and delivering content, supported by significant models, plans, and other incorporations, and intuitive. We are a skilled provider of B2B educational content with different divisions are overseen by independent academic content writers, quality specialists, editors, and visual animators who assist in achieving optimal and timely results.

Types Of Educational Content

GravEiens Eduservices is an agency supplier working in the B2B model of the business. We abide by the guidelines and rundown as instructed by the clients when we are formulating the educational content services for high school students. We are experts when it comes to formulating & rendering educational content development.

Animated Educational Videos

Here at GravEiens Eduservices, we have a team of professionals who understand real-world scenarios and can create realistic examples for informative animated videos. To make learning simple and uncomplicated, careful consideration is given to planning, layout, color corrections, graphic pictures, background score, and backdrop color when creating visual storytelling. Since animated movies are audio-visual, it is simple for students to follow along and comprehend the concepts of the subject matter.

Answer Sheets

Understudies can solve a lot of their reading-related questions by using Answer Sheets to look for the answers to their questions. Information on understudies is strengthened by the team of GravEiens' SMEs who offer clear, illustrative, and interpretive responses to even the most outstanding questions. The answer sheets created by us assist understudies with tackling the complexities of the subjects, however, give them enough understanding to take care of numerous comparative issues that may arise later in test papers.

Coursebook Content

The goal of the GravEiens team is to provide our clients with high-quality reading material and coursebook services while keeping in mind their specific needs. Content for high school level made & supplied by us gives a spectrum of content for print material and E-books that are essential in seeing the current scenario. Our academic content creators are aware of the required reading material requirements, and we are always coming up with improved lesson ideas to go along with the course books. We are an organization that provides content that is in line with the learning outcomes since we are aware of the unique educational program structures.

Test Banks

In addition to having test banks and questions from previous years, GravEiens also gathers new test banks and questions based on the needs of the consumer. The noteworthy components of our test banks and questioning series are subjected to expert criticism and are revised until they are deemed dependable and significant. For further reliability, we also use factual measurements to validate our question banks. Our test banks and questions are quite effective in organizing the tests.

Practice Papers

In High schools, students must put their newfound knowledge into practice every day. This is true because our minds function similarly to antivirus software, regularly erasing unnecessary information. Therefore, practice is essential if we are to remember the knowledge we learn. An exceptional group of professionals at GravEiens, an agency supplier, comprehend the examiners' psychology and design practice sets accordingly. After keeping a close check on all facets of society, including state, local, federal, and worldwide affairs, we create practice sets that will be beneficial to the students.

Exercise Plan

When it comes to preparing the educational content and setting up the delivery of the necessary information, GravEiens organizers are incredibly talented and creative. Our workout planners take great pride in creating and delivering educational content. By combining exercises and activities that make the concepts more applicable for understudies, it is educational yet entertaining at the same time.

We Provide Quality Assurance In Educational Content

Our group, consisting of experienced Quality Analysts (QA) with practical expertise spanning various disciplines such as Biology, Economics, and ELA, is dedicated to ensuring the highest standards in educational content. Before being delivered to the customer, all content created by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) undergoes a rigorous quality assurance and plagiarism verification process led by our approved Quality Analysts teams. The broad spectrum of experience within our Quality Analysts ensures a meticulous and highly effective quality-check measure. Our dedicated team of Quality Analysts, well-versed in diverse fields, meticulously examines and verifies content to guarantee its efficiency and efficacy for students.

  1. Is distinct and free of copyright violations
  2. Follows client guidelines
  3. Charts the learning objectives, policies, and additional framework
  4. Is liberated from language blunders and primary mistakes
  5. Is upheld by applicable and suitable illustrations and other visual portrayals
  6. Is in the precise organization
  7. Is true to form and relevant to the subject
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How Does It Work?

At GravEiens, our process stream ensures that students learn more effective concepts, comprehensive knowledge, and simple educational content to master their lesson plans. We first identify the needs of our clients, after which we identify the areas in which we can improve. After that, we archive the required efforts and carefully arrange the layout and outline before producing the relevant information.

Our quality examiners and editors assess the accuracy of the facts and language in the content. To put it briefly, the six steps of our work process are organizing, identifying, reporting, planning, generating, and surveying.

  • It is true and applies directly to the point.
  • It's free from fundamental errors and grammatical errors.
  • It's located in the exact company.
  • Is supported by outstanding and appropriate designs as well as other visual representations.
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