Animation Case Study

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The Client

A client is a group of relocation service providers with headquarters in the Netherlands that has been providing loading and unloading solutions for addition to providing advice, designing, manufacturing, and support. Installing and maintaining industrial doors, docking systems, and service, the client provides a complete loading and unloading solution. Over time, the client has established a prestigious reputation for high-quality work and inclusive benefits.

The Client
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Requirements and Expectations of the Client

Requirements and Expectations of the Client

The client contacted us because they were looking for a 3D animation outsourcing partner.

The client asked us to make five HD videos of two minutes each that explained how their services work. We were supposed to include information about their equipment, the environment of the company, how they moved the goods, and how the vehicle was loaded and unloaded. To assist us in creating these high-quality explainer videos that served as a walkthrough for promotional and informational purposes, they shared a series of videos, technical sketches, script, voiceover, and operation details.

Given that we were required to include company information in relatively brief videos, one of the primary difficulties that the five members of the team encountered was working under a tight deadline.

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To ensure that the final videos contained as much information as possible, we checked each frame.

We hired animation specialists with a lot of experience because we wanted to make sure that our clients got the best products and services. The sections were divided into two pairs.

Adopting a Step-Wise Process and Solution

After studying the requirements, we worked on the 3D animation project to ensure that we meet or even exceed their expectations. The team spent a significant amount of time planning and drafting the sketches, completing a significant amount of work in a short amount of time.

Maya and 3DS Max were used by a five-person team to complete the project over 15 days. These steps were taken by the group:

  • First, we talked about our shared goal and how to get there with the client.
  • Based on the client's inputs and video footage, we created a storyboard. We demonstrated precisely how we intended to complete each step.
  • After the client approved the model concept, we got to work on the first draft of the video series.
  • After that, we sent these to our quality control team and the client for their review and approval.
  • In addition, we sent them a concept model for review in the middle of the project.
Solution Animation Videos

Results and Profits

The team delivered the client's requested product by utilizing all of our industry expertise. Not only did the client save $60 per hour, but they also received their services on time and in the most professional manner possible.

The customer was extremely impressed with our work and has since requested more projects from us.

Results and Profits
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