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Content marketing

One of the best providers of Growth Hacking tools in today's market is our Jaipur-based client. It is the only competitive intelligence tool that monitors the entire conversion funnel and makes it simple to gather data, respond to threats, and uncover new opportunities.

In addition, they run a marketing blog where you can find out more about how to become a more effective PPC marketer.

The team wanted to make money from the traffic their content marketing efforts were bringing in.

They put a lot of money into content marketing to get high-quality visitors to their main website. They frequently publish new blog posts. However, not enough referral traffic was coming from their blog to the main website.

So their main challenge was not enough traffic Outsourcing.

Customer Insights
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Customer Insights

How we helped

We discovered that popups enable visitors to a website to be redirected to a different preferred page. As a result, in order to bring more blog visitors to their main website, we started using an application based on intense popups on their blog.

We chose a pop-up template that can be used to redirect traffic.

The first question in this campaign was a yes/no one.

Our client was aware that most visitors were interested in downloading keywords from competitors. Therefore, we decided to ask the following question to attract readers of their blog:

Would you like to download the most profitable PPC and SEO keywords of your rivals? Additionally, this pop-up campaign produced remarkable outcomes.

In a single month, 4,144 times the popup was displayed. They also got a 5.47 per cent conversion rate. Therefore, the website was accessed by 5.47 per cent of visitors who clicked the "Yes, of course" button. The fact that the number of sessions coming from referral traffic increased by 58.09% during this time period demonstrated both the effectiveness of the popup and the accuracy of the triggering.

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The central strategy was to:

Participate in the redesign of the website by conducting a thorough audit of the test versions of the new site and making suggestions for making the site as optimized as possible. Use links from relevant, high-authority websites in the home improvement and interior design niche to raise the overall domain authority.

Throughout the link-building campaign, use targeted links to increase the authority of important internal pages.

The Results
  • An increase in organic traffic by 122.27%
  • An increase of 336 per cent in e-commerce transactions led to an increase in revenue of 369 per cent, or £165,586.
  • Traffic consistently increased month over month after the audit's recommendations were implemented at the beginning of December and links were placed on the most important internal pages.
  • Organic traffic increased by 122.27% between December and June, with 42,635 visits in June and 19,182 in December.
  • In a similar vein, the number of new users had increased by more than 115%, from 10,469 in December to 22,545 in June.
Execution & Result (Solution by GravEiens Eduservices)


Our client was able to increase referral traffic, new visitors, and site engagement by utilizing Graviens eduservice marketing and SEO tools to redirect blog visitors to their main website.

They were able to attract more customers to their website by rerouting the most engaged visitors. Their blog's referral traffic increased by 58% in a month as a result of this!

Ecommerce Transactions Increase

When we approached the brand, it already had a good offline reputation due to the high quality of the furniture it designed and sold online. They had a respectable number of links, most of which came from PR coverage and natural blogger reviews. The level of competition in the SERPs for their core keywords was their primary impediment to expansion.

  • Big international brands dominated the search results.
  • Keyword research and title tag duplication were absent from the website.
  • The link profile of the website was not very well developed.
  • Posted a threat of receiving a Panda penalty.
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