GATE Exam 2025
GATE Exam 2025: Things You Must Know

GATE 2024 is just over a few months back! Amidst this scenario, the preparation for the next year has already begun. So, aspirants! Are you ready for the GATE exam 2025?

Are you feeling worried? Nervousness at its peak? Relax! We are here to help you out. Many engineering graduates sit for the GATE exam or (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) exam. It is an important exam, and it is time to be serious.

However, before you step into your studies, first know about the exam pattern and syllabus of the exam. Then, take the help of experts to proceed with the preparations.

Confused about how to begin the preparation? The solution is here.

This blog contains a lot of valuable information regarding the GATE exam 2025. It will clear out your doubts and confusion.

So get ready, pour some hot coffee into the cup, prepare yourself for the exam and let’s get started.

This blog includes:-

  • What is the GATE Exam 2025
  • The pattern of gate exam 2025
  • GATE exam 2025 syllabus guide
  • Prepare a plan for the GATE exam 2025

What is the GATE Exam 2025:

GATE exam or (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) exam. This is an online computer-based test taken for admission to postgraduate engineering programs (M.E.), (M.Tech), (Ph.D.) in IITs, (NITs). It is also taken in many reputed institutes. The duration of the exam is 3 to 4 hours. It consists of core concepts of engineering, engineering mathematics and general aptitude. 

The Pattern of GATE Exam 2025:

Initially, you may find the exam pattern too complicated. So, don’t panic! We have simplified it for you. 

Number of questions – You will get 65 questions, which has a total weightage of a hundred marks. 

Types of questions – There are questions of one and two marks format- Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) or Numerical Answer Types (NATs).  So, be very careful when you solve these questions

GATE Exam 2025

Nonetheless, The exam can be broken down into three parts : 

General Aptitude (GA):

This part contains the basic numerical aptitudes and reasoning skills, and it measures verbal ability. So prepare yourself well for those logical puzzles. 

Engineering Mathematics (EM):

This part can range from thirteen to fifteen marks, depending on the subject. This part is for testing your basic concepts in respective fields. 

Subject Paper:

This part consists of questions ranging from seventy-two to seventy-seven marks. So, sink yourself into the knowledge of engineering expertise. It’s like an application knowledge exhibition. 

GATE Exam 2025 Syllabus Guide

The vast syllabus can seem endless to you. However, don’t worry much about the syllabus. A separate syllabus for each engineering discipline highlights the areas you will be tested for. Always keep your eyes on the official website of the GATE exam 2025 for updates. 

Pro Tip: While the syllabus is vast, rote learning will not help you. You must understand the topics and concepts thoroughly, along with their applications. 

Prepare Plans for GATE Exam 2025:

Now you know the exam format and the syllabus. Let’s prepare a few strategies to win the game. The golden nuggets are listed below for you:-

Start Early:

To cover all the topics in time, it’s very important to start your preparation early. Prepare yourself well in each topic. If you leave everything for the last minute, it won’t help. Instead, it will create a worse situation for you. 

    Practice Makes a Man Perfect:

    We all are very familiar with this phrase, isn’t it? It works the same here as well.

    Start taking GATE exam 2025 mock tests free online. Sharpen up your skills. Practicing these mock tests can help you understand the exam format, identify your weak areas and also helps in enhancing your time management skills. There are several websites that provide free mock tests. Opt for them. 

      Solve Previous Years’ Question Papers:

      If you solve the previous GATE exam papers, you will understand the question style. You will get an overview of the distribution of the marks in each topic. Also, you’ll get an idea of the difficulty level of the exam. So, hurry up, collect the previous years’ question papers and start solving. 

        Clear Your Doubts:

        Always try to solve whatever doubts you face while preparing. As soon as you face any doubt, immediately seek guidance from your mentors and professors, or you can also participate in online forums. 

          Stay Motivated:

          While preparing yourself for the GATE exam 2025, it’s very important to keep yourself motivated. So, how will you motivate yourself? First of all, set a goal. When you achieve the goal, reward yourself in some way. Also, make sure you surround yourself with positive people. Sometimes, things may get tough, and in those times, you will find these positive people will keep you motivated. 

            Tips to Remember:

            • Ensure to be very dedicated during preparation.
            • Be smart and maintain your strategies regularly.
            • Be diligent in your practice.
            • Take care of your health.
            • Maintain a balanced lifestyle.
            • Keep yourself updated with the latest trends and updates about the exam.

            By understanding the whole exam format, syllabus, strategies and the tips provided, you will do great in your exam. You can win the game by scoring high in the GATE exam 2025.

            GATE exam 2025
            Image credit: The Economic Times


            In conclusion, to be successful in competitive exams like GATE, good preparation matters a lot. You will have to be very dedicated in your preparation. While preparing, make strategies. The strategies are written in the “preparation plan for GATE exam 2025” section of this blog.

            After all, every small step you take towards preparation brings you closer to achieving your goals. Be confident enough and do great in your future. To get more blogs on the GATE exam 2025, stay tuned to the GravEiens blog page. 


            Is GATE valid for a lifetime? 

            No GATE is not valid for a lifetime. The scorecard is valid for 3 years from the date of issuance. 

            Do questions repeat in GATE? 

            No, questions do not repeat in the GATE exam. Sometimes, the question format is the same, but the numerics are changed. 

            Is there any negative marking in GATE? 

            Yes, there are negative markings in the GATE exam. 

            What is the age limit for the GATE exam? 

            There is no restricted age limit mentioned for the GATE exam. 

            What is the pattern of the GATE exam 2025? 

            The pattern of GATE exam 2025:-

            1. You will get 65 questions, which have a total weightage of 100 marks. 
            2. There are questions of one and two-mark format- Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) or Numerical Answer Types (NATs).  So be very careful when you solve these questions. 

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