How Graveien’s Localization services are helping edtech in increasing their ROI

What is Localization

Localization refers to the process of adapting or customizing a product or service to meet the language, cultural, and other specific requirements of a particular country or region. It involves modifying elements such as language, currency, date and time format, measurement units, and images to suit the local market. Localization is often used in software development, website design, and marketing to ensure that the product or service is appealing and user-friendly to people in different regions or countries. The goal of localization is to make the product or service feel as if it was created specifically for that local market, rather than just being a generic version that has been translated.

How it is useful in Ed-tech industry

Localization is essential in the Ed-tech industry as it helps educational technology companies to adapt their products and services to meet the specific cultural, linguistic, and educational requirements of different regions and countries. This means that the content and user experience are tailored to suit the local audience, making it easier for them to learn and engage with the material.

For example, localization can involve translating course content and user interfaces into the language of the target audience, adapting instructional methods to align with local learning styles, and integrating cultural references that are relevant to the local community.

This helps to ensure that learners can fully engage with the material and learn in a way that is familiar to them. Additionally, it can help to improve the effectiveness of educational technology, leading to better learning outcomes, higher levels of engagement, and ultimately, more satisfied users.

How we help

If you want to overcome the challenges of localization, you need a team of meticulous content revitalizing experts who possess a deep understanding of the localization process. At Graveiens Edu Services, we have a team of skilled localizers composed of content writers, native content speakers, and multilingual experts who have over eight years of experience in localization. They work closely with each other to come up with profound solutions to all your localization problems. Our experts carefully gather all the requirements specified by our clients and then segment the content before distributing the work among themselves. After the content has been meticulously created, our multilingual experts integrate all the work to produce exceptional outcomes.

At Graveiens Edu Services, we are committed to providing quality localization services that will help you get the most out of your hard-earned money. Our team of experts is dedicated to delivering accomplished solutions to all your localization needs.

Types of Localization Services Offered

  1. Translation

Graveiens Edu Services provides exceptional translation services that offer a multitude of benefits to clients. Our services not only enhance clients’ awareness of their native language, but also empower them to provide top-notch language services with confidence. By engaging with our services, clients are inspired to undertake advanced language courses, which not only improve their language skills but also boost their self-assurance. Additionally, our translation services promote the development of close reading and literary analysis skills. 

  1. Subtitling

At our company, we don’t just add captions and subtitles to videos, we enhance the viewing experience for those who may not understand the language spoken in the video. Our team of experts carefully considers various elements such as tone, emotion, and emphasis before crafting the perfect captions. We strive to create a seamless connection between the video content and the viewer, ensuring that they will be fully engaged and captivated by the material. With our exceptional captioning and subtitling services, you can rest assured that your video content will be accessible to a wider audience, and they will be able to fully appreciate the message you are trying to convey.

  1. Voice-over 

We pride ourselves on having a diverse team of native language speakers who are dedicated to delivering the perfect balance of precise intonation and impeccable clarity in our content. Our voice-over artists and sound engineers are passionate about enhancing the quality of every project they work on. Our team is united in the goal of producing educational content that is not only informative but also engaging and enjoyable to watch. By infusing our videos with creativity and realism, we strive to make our educational voice-over services truly exceptional.

  1. Dubbing

Dubbed educational content is the ultimate solution to offer a diverse range of learning opportunities to students. With a variety of options, students can stay engaged and curious, making learning a more exciting and fulfilling experience. Without diversity, students may lose interest in the material and look elsewhere for more engaging options, ultimately resulting in a loss of viewership for educational content providers. But with Graveiens Edu Services’ dubbed educational content, viewers can expect a plethora of options that will keep them hooked and stimulated. So why settle for less when you can have a wealth of educational opportunities at your fingertips? Choose Graveiens Edu Services for an exceptional variety of dubbed educational content.

  1. Closed Captioning

Closed captioning in education is not only important for preventing discrimination against students with disabilities, but it also offers a range of other benefits. Subtitles can help all students understand and focus better on educational videos. Closed captioning becomes particularly useful when the speaker has an accent that may be hard to understand. At Graveiens Edu Services, we provide effective closed captioning solutions that cater to the needs of all students, especially those with disabilities. Our services ensure that students have equal access to education and can overcome any obstacles they face in their pursuit of knowledge.


At Graveiens Edu Services, we have a meticulous approach that ensures your organization’s ideas are conveyed with precision, your content is understood thoroughly, and your videos are effectively appreciated through our exceptional localization services.

We begin by fully comprehending your needs and meticulously analyzing the video content, before expertly adapting and refining it to suit your target audience. Our team of skilled and experienced localizing experts are handpicked to ensure the highest quality work. We then record and edit the audio with a natural flow, speed, pitch, and voice-over, and seamlessly incorporate screen-changing. Finally, our diligent localizing inspectors and editors rigorously assess the quality of the work.

Our comprehensive six-step work cycle – which includes understanding, interpreting, selecting, recording, mixing, and evaluating – guarantees unparalleled accuracy and quality in localization services. 

In summary, localization is essential in the Ed-tech industry as it helps to ensure that educational technology products and services are tailored to the needs of the local audience, leading to better learning outcomes and more satisfied users.Choose Graveiens Edu Services and let us help you take your content to the next level!

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