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Is Coding Necessary for Schools in India?

Coding is one of the most indispensable skills in the 21st century. Coding, provided by online tutoring services from India and other organisations has taken its place in almost every industry, including finance, entertainment, healthcare and so on. 

A rapid growth of technology has been observed. It is very important, or it can be said it is necessary, for your child to start gaining coding knowledge as soon as possible. There are online tutoring services from India to teach students coding. However, it is best to include coding in the school curriculum. 

Learning how to code at school makes a student well-versed in technology. Also, it makes them capable of using safe internet and digital ethics. It also builds a strong foundation for further success in more advanced classes. 

Students get to gain important skills in cyber safety, internet research and a positive online presence. Many students in the USA and UK have already begun taking online tutoring services from India to learn coding. Now, it’s your turn to take a step ahead. 

Well, the drawbacks of learning coding at an early age may include problems like less emotional intelligence, lack of empathy and so on. Considering those factors, you may get skeptical about the necessity of coding at school. 

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Online Tutoring Support for Coding Classes

No worries! Here we are with a detailed discussion on the topic. Let’s see if coding is really necessary or not. 

What is Coding?

Coding is not an alien subject for us. In fact, it is very much in our lives. Every electronic device, like a laptop, tablet, or cell phone, needs encoded language to function properly. It allows us to communicate with these devices. Internal coding system has been used in modern technologies such as TV, traffic lights, calculators, cars etc. 

As computers can’t communicate with humans, coding has become the translator between the two. What coding does is convert human inputs into numerical sequences that the computer understands. As soon as the computer receives the numerical sequences, it gets the information of what the human wants and acts accordingly. It may be the instruction of doing the task of changing font colour, or centering a picture. 

The Benefits of Learning Coding at School: 

Coding is one of the skills that can open many new career paths and also improve your abilities for existing ones. That is why many guardians in the USA, UK and so on access online tutoring support from India and online teaching support from India to help their kids learn coding. Nonetheless, let’s discuss some benefits of learning coding at the school level. 

1. Problem-solving skills:

Problem-solving is one of the biggest strengths a student gains by learning to code and practising computational thinking.

Computational thinking is a problem-solving process in which complex problems are broken down into smaller and more manageable pieces and then work according to the set process and create an algorithmic solution that computers or humans can replicate.

2. Career skills for the future:

Where a maximum number of careers depend on digital knowledge, the benefit of learning coding through online tutoring for students continues to increase. 

A well-knowledged coding student can make his career in a business management position or the finance industry as they can create formulas to help calculate project or risk analysis. 

Moreover, in marketing, they can implement tracking and measurement of public service positions or KPIs, with their abilities of process Improvement and creative problem-solving. Looking at such career opportunities, people often look for coding classes provided by online tutoring services from India. 

However, if you want your child to learn to code efficiently, make sure to enroll them in the best homework solution support from India.  

3. Improves creativity:

Coding helps to increase creative thinking among kids. It teaches kids to design and develop digital creations, enabling them to express their ideas creatively through diverse interactive projects. Moreover, coding encourages iterative thinking with which students can improve their abilities while developing innovative ideas. 

4. Numerous programming languages to choose:

There are hundreds of programming languages according to the variety of tasks. For producing software programs, websites, games, mobile applications, and operating systems, different languages are used. According to the project requirements, languages can be learned.

For those who work on websites, CSS, HTML and JavaScript are the primary starting points. On the other hand, whoever deals with data analysis or databases can focus on SQL. Python and C are all-purpose languages that are also the easiest for beginners to learn and are widely used in various applications.

5. Coding improves confidence:

As coding empowers students with applicable skills such as problem-solving, creativity etc, learning to code makes them confident in life. Thus, they can face a variety of opportunities and challenges with self-reliance. Whether inside or outside the classroom, students can overcome the odds with self-confidence, logical thinking, and a calm mind. 

Coding at online tutoring services

So, these are the major benefits of coding. Interested to learn it? There are different online tutoring services from India that provide coding classes across the world. 

Is Coding Harmful in any Way: The Drawbacks:

Well, everything has certain cons along with its pros. And coding is also no different. Though programming is entertaining and also has a good impact on our brains, but also has some drawbacks on our mental health. 

You can relate by going through the points below- 

  • Draining of brain
  • Analyzing more than sufficient
  • Unintentionally offering advice
  • Irritation by the poor design system
  • Switching of language in mind

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, embracing natural ambiance as much as possible, limiting screentime, etc., can help you overcome the odds. Thus, you can learn coding without any stress. 


A) What’s the difference between coding and programming?

Coding is translating instructions of a computer to perform in the language that the computer understands. On the other hand, programming produces complete software the computer can execute. 

B) Is coding hard to learn? 

No, it is not hard. However, coding requires some math and technical knowledge. It’s not that expert-level skill is required every day.

C) What is an example of coding? 

HTML is an example of coding with a headline and first paragraph. 

Final Thoughts: Should School Students Learn Coding or Not?

Coding can help your child develop creativity, persistence, higher-order thinking, communication etc. It can give your child several ways for your child’s career by giving a number of opportunities. However, too much proximity to tech-advanced learning sessions like coding classes may disturb mental and physical health.

Hence, it is important to maintain the borderline between necessary lessons and addiction. Learning coding in a disciplined manner is recommended. Reliable online tutoring services from India can help with that.

Also, experts suggest including coding in the school curriculum from the 6th-7th standard onwards, depending on students’ learning abilities. Over the years, coding can be one of the constructive hobbies your child can adopt.

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