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Is Online Tutoring Profitable: Its Pros And Cons for Students and Teachers

Gradually, the learning system is moving towards a digital future. Academic resources are being delivered through free and paid online tutoring. Thus, online tutoring is a super industry. Its popularity is increasing daily as an extra support opposite to the traditional classroom system. 

However, online tutoring has made the learning process easy and simple with technology and many new learning opportunities. This tutoring method gained huge popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic as the traditional classroom system was shut down, and this tutoring system overtook the learning situation. 

Both students and teachers found tutoring online the most effective when students can independently study and complete their coursework. Though online tutoring is a wonderful way for your student, there are still a few drawbacks that online education won’t always work the same. Exploring this blog, you will learn much about online tutoring systems. 

The Bright Side of Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is the process of tutoring in an online platform, virtual or on-network environment, where teachers and learners from different physical locations participate at their convenient times. 

The bright side of online tutoring is that it is an extremely convenient, versatile, and cost-effective way for students to get personalized assistance with their studies. From video sessions and automated instructions to group chats, online tutoring programs, applications, and so on are available to support students for better learning. 

Types of Online Tutoring

Basically, there are 2 types of online tutoring- Asynchronous tutoring and Synchronous tutoring.

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Tutoring Online

Asynchronous Tutoring:

In these kinds of tutoring websites, the student and the tutor do not need to be present online simultaneously. In this tutoring method, the tutor assigns tasks for their students, and the students complete the tasks and submit them online.

For example, suppose an English tutor assigns a task to the student, completes the task, and submits the English tutor online.

Synchronous Tutoring:

This method is totally opposite to the asynchronous tutoring method. Here, the student and the tutor need to be present online at the same time. They will interact and exchange ideas among themselves in real-time.

The synchronous tutoring method needs software solutions to communicate. It includes text, videos, audio, e-learning platforms etc.

Why Online Tutoring Is Profitable? 

Online tutoring has huge advantages. Everyone is different in the learning style of schools, but it helps students according to their needs.

Quick and Easy Access:

The tutor does not need to teach every student individually how to do everything. They can simply elaborate their ideas via videos. The students can easily record the lesson and access it anytime and anywhere. Students do not need to wait for their tutor to come and teach. Students can easily get quick access to the offered classes on the website.


Online tutoring is way more efficient than personal training because the students and the tutors do not need to wait for each other. When the students feel ready, they can immediately access the materials whenever and wherever they feel like. 

Asks for Less efforts:

Another benefit of online tutoring is the students can complete their entire lesson whenever it’s most convenient for them, no matter where they are. On the other hand, this tutoring method is a very comfortable way for students and tutors because they don’t have to travel long distances. They are just an internet connection away, and everything is solved. Online learning systems are truly time, energy, and effort-saving. 

Customized Tutoring lessons:

The key benefit of tutoring online is that each tutoring lesson can be customized for a specific student. Online tutoring allows direct and open communication with the tutor which is very beneficial for the students for better understanding. 

In a traditional classroom system, all students can’t soak up all the details quickly. When a big subject is completed in a very short period, it does not allow students to cope with the class. On the other side, this tutoring method allows students to take their own time until they feel like they are ready.

Can be Completed at Own Pace:

The biggest advantage of online tutoring is that it is Online. The students can decide which moment they need a tutor’s help. The students choose the time and place according to their comfort without any transportation issues. No matter where they live, they can successfully access the benefits of online tutoring. They get the opportunity to choose a tutor according to their learning style.

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There is no hard and fast rule for every student or tutor to follow the entire session. However, the tutors must keep it in mind to cover everything required for the students. Also, every party involved can follow up on their required details to focus and leave out what is not required. 

Students who are accessing online learning have to access feedback as well. Several tutoring programs are available online to make it easier for students to have good conversations about course material. 

Are there any Drawbacks to Online Tutoring?

Online tutoring has most of the benefits, which include easy access, time and effort saving, the customization of lessons, flexibility etc. Still, it also has a few drawbacks, for example –

  • Students may become sidetracked if they multitask simultaneously, which is not profitable for the students. 
  • When both parties are available online, one can face connection issues due to internet problems.

To Sum up

Now, we are sure you are left with no doubts about how much ‘Online Tutoring’ is profitable for you. It offers many advantages. It’s true that it also has a few drawbacks. However, those can be solved in no time. So, don’t worry. 

Online tutoring gives you a strong feeling of personal responsibility, it gives you a chance to plan for the future and the ability to time management. With the increasing popularity of smartphones and tablets, it is likely to become more popular. Companies such as GravEiens, Kumon, Tutoring Heroes and Explore Learning are gaining so much success in online tutoring. 

Additionally, students can increase their capacity for self-discipline while in online education. A meeting with the tutor once a week at a specific time helps them a lot. It can make the student learn to keep promises and take responsibility for their own development and growth. 

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