Topper Tricks To Crack Neet Exam

Similar to many other medical hopefuls, NEET toppers prepare by adhering to the finest examination methods. We’ll see some of the toppers’ NEET preparation advice in this piece. You can succeed in the NEET exam by following the study advice and techniques of the best students.

NEET preparation advice from top students:

  • Maintain an enthusiasm for your aspirations. Keep in mind the benefits of passing the NEET exam with the highest score.
  • Be dependable in your planning. The most important ability you need to pass NEET is daily study and practise.
  • Make a schedule for NEET each day. Obtain your daily or weekly goals.
  • NCERT textbooks and NEET study guides should be used.
  • Understanding the ideas is preferable to memorization. Biology and Chemistry topics that are exceptions.
  • While attempting to answer questions, use the tips. Your coaching teachers are the primary teachers.
  • Quickly dispel your NEET doubts. Ask your teacher the same inquiry repeatedly if you don’t comprehend anything.
  • Complete your assignments and homework on schedule. Don’t disregard your current coaching sessions in an effort to catch up on the backlog. Finishing your current project should be your first priority.
  • Avoid making careless errors both during practice exams and on test day.
  • Take notes on your own. When you write something down by hand rather than reading it from a book, you always remember it better.
  • Never attempt to copy verbatim from a book. After reading, write them down using your own words.
  • Continue to review what you have learned.
  • Before the NEET exam, try not to worry. If you approach the exam with a positive outlook, it will benefit you.

The NEET Toppers’ Study Method

  • Follow a focused plan of action consistently.
  • adore the topics they are learning.
  • Recognize one’s strengths and focus on one’s weaknesses.
  • Put your attention on concepts, comprehension, and the use of logic.
  • Learn when to memorise information.
  • Place an emphasis on quality above quantity.
  • Recognize the significance and worth of study materials, coaching, and teachers.
  • Always maintain composure when studying for the NEET and while taking the test.

Advice from a NEET Topper for Future Aspirants:

“Remain consistent and adhere to your fundamental principles because they are likely to show up in the majority of questions. It is advantageous if you can get advice or assistance. You can pass the NEET exam if you put in the necessary effort. Het Shah (NEET Topper 2016)

Is there a special preparation method that NEET high scorers use?

Top NEET scorers don’t employ any special techniques. They simply pay attention to what their lecturers advise, stay focused, and exercise discipline each day while preparing. They finish their homework and assignments on schedule. Toppers always express any doubts, no matter how minor.

How long did NEET winners study?

NEET toppers typically adhere to a routine, spending an average of 6 hours each day on independent study (other than coaching). Top NEET students study as much as their bodies and minds would allow. They always give their studies their undivided attention. They don’t waste time or work too hard in their education.


Top NEET scorers follow no schedule but their own. They are aware of when they are most productive and efficiently balance their time between work and study.

The basic elements of NEET preparation are straightforward, and any aspirant may adhere to them in order to obtain a respectable rank in NEET. A topper may get lucky on exam day. You never know—you might end up topping the NEET rankings!

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